Living Room Chairs For Cheap

Living Room Chairs For Cheap

lIf you’ve clicked on this page to find the best living room chairs for cheap, you are in the right place. It’s my mission to give you everything you need to know about buying chairs on a tight budget.

Before we begin, if you are tired of reading long walls of text intertwined with pictures, just  buy this Roundhill Armless Contemporary Accent Chair.

We’ve all been the broke college student trying to scrap some money for the next party or the next meal. In times such as these, honestly, nobody cares about buying a good living room chair (although they should, as I’ve mentioned in these two articles). Getting a quality product, and getting it cheap is not easy. But that’s what we humans enjoy a lot because it makes us feel good. In this article, I’ve set out the find the cheapest living room chairs, mostly under 100$, that provide as much value as possible. As you’ll see, I’d say we’ve been very successful in that regard. These chairs are cheap, but either not-so-cheap or even luxurious, depending on the chair. They are a great cover if you have financial problems and simply don’t want to show it in your living room, dining room, bedroom or other furniture. If there’s anything I’d like to warn you about, it’s that you should never buy chairs that seem unbelievably cheap, and that’s because they probably are. I’ve seen dozens of people disappointed after being screwed over and losing 50$, all because they wanted to save some 20 to 30$ on a buy. Better spend a tiny bit more money than regret it later, because it will cost you even more. If you don’t know where to buy furniture locally, visit this.

If you need to rent cheap chairs or other furniture, you can do that here.

With all of that in mind, look down below for a quick guide and a comparison table for the best living room chairs for cheap.

Product InformationEase of AssemblyComfortDurabilityPrice
letter print Roundhill Letter Print Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chairbutton
fireplaceRoundhill Furniture Tuchico Contemporary Fabric Accent Chairbutton
kitchen roomSignature Design Accent Chair by Ashley Furniture
living roomArmen Living Jaguar Dining Chair in Charcoal Fabric and Walnut Finishchairsbutton
dining roomArmen Living Summer Chair in Charcoal Fabric and Walnut Wood Finishchairschairsbutton

Roundhill Letter Print Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chair

living room chairs for cheap

Roundhill creates one of the best value for price furniture available on the global marketplace. I’ve interacted with them several times, and every single time they have left a positive impression on me. Before getting this chair, I was in no worry as I was sure this Roundhill armless chair won’t disappoint. This pretty armless accent piece of furniture has a timeless script pattern that fits into any living room and bedroom design style. The upholstery is colored with taupe and cream, and it includes a luxury French script which makes it look fancy. The legs are coated with a deep espresso finish and fit the overall design nicely. This modern yet mid-century chair was delivered incredibly fast, in a single box and without any damage or problems. It was not hard to put together, the average 13-year-old could probably do it in less than 15 minutes. You just screw through the aligned holes as usual. It is bigger then it looks in the pictures, which was a bonus for me. It’s small enough to fit through the doorway comfortably and it doesn’t take too much space. On the other side, it’s wide enough to be cozy. I’ve ordered one more since, and I couldn’t be happier with them.  The sturdiness of the chair is stunning, it is guaranteed to support you for a lifetime. It’s made with a carefully crafted solid wood frame that offers a strong and stable foundation. It doesn’t wobble at all, no matter how much weight we put on it. It was tested at 280 pounds, and it held it with absolutely no problems. I wasn’t sure about the coziness at first, but after trying it and getting used to it, it’s definitely up there as one of the better seatings when it comes to comfort, considering the price. You will have to pay a couple hundred more dollars before getting anything better than this one. The dimensions of the chair are 23 by 26 by 33 inches (Width – Length – Height). The width of the seat is the same as the width of the chair, while the height of the bach is at 18 inches, which should be enough to support almost anyone. It was wide enough for me to sit Indian style (tailor style, as we say in my country). Some people reported that the color of the chair varied slightly when compared to the picture, but that wasn’t the case with mine. It was exactly like pictured.

It weighs around 25 pounds, and it isn’t a problem to move around for basically anyone. I’ve spent some time looking at reviews on Amazon, and they don’t disappoint. This contemporary armless accent chair scores an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the general consensus is that it’s awesome. The complaints of most people are based on the fact that the product can sometimes arrive broken because of the shipping, but that’s the case with basically any product. The most common complaint about the chair itself is that half holes don’t align during assembly, but that’s not hard to fix, it’s plain annoying. As I’ve mentioned, I had no such problems. It has around 400 product ratings, which means that it’s one of the most popular living room chairs featured on Amazon. It ranks #54 in the Living Room Chairs category, easily being the leader of the market. Conclusion: This beautiful furniture piece should be a part of every single home on a tight budget that cares about style. It’s comfy, light and very good looking. If I could go back in time, I would definitely purchase it again, no questions asked. All in all, this modern armless living room chair is a definite buy.

Roundhill Furniture Tuchico Contemporary Fabric Accent Chair


Roundhill wins again! I’ll make myself clear, I haven’t been receiving any money from them. I’m putting them as chairs number 1 and number 2 in this article because I believe they deserve it based on their merit. This Tuchico Contemporary Fabric Accent Chair is awesome, as is the one above it. When this one came through the door, still inside the box, I was kinda anxious to open it because the box looked damaged on one end. I thought something along the lines of “oh boy, here we go again, now I’ll have to spend loads of time to ship it back”. Luckily for me, the only thing damaged was the box itself, and not the chair, and I’ll tell you why in a short while. The looks are very high end, so much so that I many of the chairs that cost a couple hundred dollars don’t look even remotely as luxurious. The legs are made with solid hardwood with a light brown finish. The color is exactly as pictured, although the creator noted that it may differ due to light, how your monitor displays color, the photo itself, etc. This great look has a price tho, as I’ll explain later. The arms/corners of the chair are very secure, as they are glued, blocked plus stapled. It’s very sturdy and strong, and it can hold a lot of weight. It’s been tested with 300 pounds, and it was damn fine. The looks and durability of this chair are it’s biggest advantages. Now let’s talk about the price for all of that: comfort. Oh boy. The chair advertises itself as very comfortable, but damn, it feels like I’m sitting on bricks. That may be a bit of hyperbole, but it does lack some softness and comfort. Although when compared to the price, it’s quite alright. If comfort matters a little less to you, this should be the first thing on your buy list. The dimensions of the chair are 26 by 23 by 36 inches (Width – Length – Height). The seat is 18 by 18 by 19 inches (Width – Length – Height). It weighs only a tiny 18 pounds, so it’s not hard to move around even for a child. The ratings mostly positive, with an average of 4.0 out of 5 stars.  It has 95 ratings, so the score is definite and real. It’s amazingly popular, scoring #22 in the Living Room Chairs category. Summary: it’s mostly a very good chair, with the exception being the comfort. That could probably be mitigated using a small pillow, but even that is not needed. Overall, I liked it, and I’m sure you will too.

Signature Design Accent Chair by Ashley Furniture


As far as I remember, this is the first chair I bought from Signature Design by Ashley. It’s been a pretty good introduction to the brand because I like it. It has a contemporary accent design with geometric shapes and minimalist lines. It’s designed to be an accent chair that will complement your existing furniture and style, introducing a sleek modern design. It’s basically a guarantee that you’ll love the comfort, as the cushions are high quality and leave a good feel on your body. It’s made with cozy polyester, and the faux wooden legs are richly finished. The colors are pretty, mostly charcoal, blue and tan. It’s small enough so you can set it anywhere, but big enough to be comfortable for your bach and hips. The dimensions are 21 by 28 by 33 and fit most spaces. The assembly is minimal, with very easy to follow instructions, and it even includes the tools needed to finish the job. The package arrived with no problem, and it was protected very nicely. It weighs only 35 pounds. The Amazon reviews are fairly positive, with 3.8 out of 5 stars on average. It has a bunch of reviews, 351 last time I checked. It ranks number #21 in Living Room Chairs. In short, this chair is very good for any taste and every budget. It’s a definite buy.

Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chair in Charcoal Fabric and Walnut Finish


I bought an Armen Living chair for my friend a long time ago, and I remember it suited him well. It arrived well packaged and with no shipping problems. It’s not hard to assemble and is very pretty. Make sure to double-check everything in the assembly instructions, because I missed a few things. Also, make sure to count everything before you start. It was the perfect size for me, and I’m about the average height. If you are a very tall person, this might not be the one for you. The seating has very little padding, but it’s quite firm. I actually like it. The weight of the chair is extremely light. It will last a long time and has a lot of value for money. dimensions are 18 by 20 by 29 inches (Length – Width – Height). The Amazon reviews are fairly positive, with the average being 4.1 out of 5 stars. It has 57 ratings and ranks #97 in the Living Room Chairs category, which is about average popularity I guess. Overall, I’d consider this armless accent chair a definite buy.

Armen Living Summer Chair in Charcoal Fabric and Walnut Wood Finish


There’s not much to say about this chair. It’s a retro summer style chair with a bit of a mid-century aesthetic. It has a Walnut Wooden finish with the back support made out of Charcoal colored fabric. It’s quite a refreshing mix of contemporary and timeless. The chair arrived with no problems. It was also very easy to assemble. If anything breaks, which it shouldn’t it also has a 1-year warranty. The dimensions of the chair are 25 by 22 by 31 (Width – Lenght – Height). It weighs a mere 15 pounds, so it definitely won’t be a problem to move around for anybody. How they made it this light but this sturdy is beyond me. The Amazon reviews are good, indicating wide satisfaction. It has an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars and 184 ratings. It ranks number 44 in the Living Room Chairs category. Overall, I’m content with this chair, especially when compared to the price. If you are a student or otherwise a person with a small budget, it’s a definite buy.

In Summary

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I know people like to skim articles, so I’ve included this little summary section for you. Essentially, if you are buying on a budget, you will suffer from a lower quality product, on average, but we can close the gap by some smart buying decisions. In short,  buy this Roundhill Armless Contemporary Accent Chair and you’ll get the best value for a very small amount of money.